video game makerMake your role-playing games come to life! Our RPG Maker camp shows campers how to create their very own epic role-playing game where they will battle fierce monsters prowling in a dungeon. Campers will learn what RPG is, the history of RPG, all the basics, the character, and all aspects of the game. Terrific Scientific uses RPG Maker VXAce which features:

– A drag-drop interface
– Library of characters
– Tile-based environmentsanimated-computer-image-0192
– Enhanced map editor
– Built-in character generator with custom sprites and faces
– Custom items and weapons
– Full inventory of weapons and armor

Once you have finished your project you can export your game to a portable .EXE file that can be played on any Windows system. You can share it with your friends, your family, or even on the Internet.

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