Combination Themed Camps

Fine Art and Science Combo Camps

Full STEAM ahead!  These combo camps will feature exciting Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math activities to spark the imaginations of our campers!  Each day will be packed with awesome mixed media visual arts activities along with engaging STEM certified science and technology experiments!  These camps are specifically designed to keep your campers entertained, engaged and having fun all day!

Claymation & Special FX

Create your own claymation video production!  Students will learn step by step how to make their very own claymation movie!  ...
davy jones locker

Davy Jones’ Locker

Did you know that the Earth is over 70% water? Have you met any creatures that live in the ocean? ...
video game camp

Game Lover’s Art & Science Camp with Minecraft

Explore the Art and Science involved with gaming.  Create and play board game that the campers design and bring to ...
magic camp

School of Magic

Let your imagination run wild this summer! From magical creatures like unicorns, dragons, and owls, to whopping trees, sorting hats, ...
art of chemistry

The Art of Chemistry

Unleash your inner artist—and learn some chemistry too!  Learn about connections between art and chemistry.  The visual art activities will ...

Young Archeologist

Explore the ancient world of pre-historic creatures, fossils and other ancient treasures!  Learn what the world was like when giant ...

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